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  • Lora chokes in leather

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following is a custom video request. Lora is dressed in leather similar to your clip "Street fighter Lora. Part 1". Her leather jacket is closed. She doesn't wear gloves, her fingernails don't have paint. If possible, her hairs look dark, this is not a must. She kills six criminal goons. One of the men is the spectator of the video (POV style). Three murders are from behind, all other killings  from the front.

General hints: It's just a job for her to kill, nothing personal. It's a serious matter, but sadistic smiles in the moments of death are welcomed.  She likes her job. Please no laughing, no giggling and no talking. After the death of every man, she checks, if the goon is really dead (no pulse, rigid eyes).

1st goon - She sneaks from behind. Loara stands behind the man and press her right hand at his mouth. Lora lifts his head to the rear and closes her left hand around his throat. She constricts his carotid arteries until he dies.

2nd goon - Lora again sneaks from behind. She throws a black cord, thick wire, cable or similar  above his head and garrottes him from behind to death.

3rd goon - Lora again sneaks from behind. She throws a transparent plastic bag above his head. If possible, the bag is made of thick plastic and has no letters, advertisement or similar, just thick transparent plastic. She smothers him to death.

One dead man is found by his comrades. A killer is here. Lora perceives, that the other goons are warned. Therefore, it's not possible to sneak from behind anymore. But this is no problem for Lora. She decides to kill from the front.

4th goon - Lora makes a karate chop with two hands from the front. The man is weakened, but still stands. She closes both hands around his neck. Lora strangles him to death by breaking his adams apple.

5th goon - Another goon stands and gets attacked from the front. Lora closes both hands around his neck. She shoves both thumbs sideways for closing his carotid arteries. When the goon begins to faint, she moves both thumbs in the centre under his chin and breaks the cartilage. It's the ground of tongue or hyoid bone.

6th goon - Again a two handed hand strangling. Again she stands opposite her victim. But this time, the spectator adopts the role of the goon. Killing by strangulation in POV style.

Talking is not necessary, just killing.



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Lora chokes in leather

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