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Custom clip request. 

I was wondering if you could do a custom video for me similar to the Lora Vs. You POV boxing clip. Lora should be wearing the same or a similar outfit (t-shirt, tight shorts, tennis shoes, boxing gloves).

In this one a scrawny pathetic man named David is paying Lora to have a fight with him because his fantasy is to get beaten up by a beautiful girl. She starts by asking him if he is sure he want to go through with this, because she says "I'm going to completely f*ck you up." David agrees. Lora says to fight her he first has to strip naked. She makes fun of his muscleless body and tiny dick. At first David's dick is hard at the sight of her. She then proceeds to pummel him mercilessly. Would like for the camera to do the same thing as the earlier video, where it seems like her punches send him to the ground. After a first flurry David is already in a heap and barely conscious. She orders him to get up and after a while he does, but is a total mess. She beats him again and orders him back up again. She should be annoyed with how weak her opponent is and how long it takes him to get to a standing position. She should mock how his dick is now limp and tiny and how he can barely stand. Finally she says, "OK David, this has been beyond pathetic. Now it's time to say goodnight." She unleashes a massive uppercut and David is on the mat. She stands over him and can't believe how easy it was to turn his lights off completely. She counts slowly to ten and then does a long victory pose over him. She should then stand over him and smoke a victory cigarette. While she's smoking she should comment on David's sad body, which is twitching and convulsing on the mat. At one point he regains semi-consciousness and tries to get up but he's been beaten too bad and he eventually collapses back in a ridiculous position (on his stomach with his arms spread out and his naked ass in the air). She makes fun of this while smoking.

After her smoke she checks on him and tries to wake him up. She tries to slap him to get him to wake up, but David is completely gone at this point. She gives up and walks out of the room. After some time has gone she comes back and looks at David who still is on the mat. She should look down and tell him an ambulance is on the way, and she hopes that when he gets out of the hospital they can do this again.

Please make sure she refers to her opponent as "David."

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Lora vs David

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