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  • Lora punishes cocky guys. Part III

Custom clip request


The guys never learned their lesson, they are still after Lora, this time, in a larger group


Lora - Same outfit she wore on my previous custom video, anything sporty, shoes, shorts and some sort of top, her hair in pigtails

The guys - also the same, shirtless,  just sporty shoes and basketball shorts, and please no mask, I love to see reactions.


No ballbusting but like in the previous custom videos I requested, fast abdominal punches, uppercuts and belly punches, camera focusing some screen time on guys groggy/dizzy. You probably know what I like already, I think you're doing a great job. But like I said, this time, it would be nice if the guys get groggy/dizzy the way it was played by the actor that played Ivan on the second custom video, not too wobbly, floppy arms on sides, the actor that played Ivan would just stay rooted to his place, groggy, head and body spinning, floppy hands on sides.


It starts with Lora, again, taking some cute selfies of herself after a workout. The the scene changes showing the guys coming in, still cocky (The coach won't be here at this time), the guys would still be wearing shirts at this time (any shirt will do). This time, the guys mean business, they really want to take donw Lora. Matt would have an angry look on his face and points at Lora saying "Is that the girl you guys are talking about?" Brian would agree, he would yell "Hey!" at Lora then throws a basketball towards her, but Lora, this time catches the ball, Lora would yell back "hey" then throws the ball at Brian hitting him in the belly, Brian bends over in pain, the guys concerned at Brian, saying something like "Dude, you ok?" Lora would just laugh. The guys would be angry, Josh would say "You won't win this time", Ivan will say "We'll show you who's the boss", Lora still unimpressed, cute smile on her face, would say "I really like your determination, too bad you guys can't win against me, even with all 6 of you". Charles would say "you sure about that?" Then the guys will all take their shirts off and flex their muscles and biceps in a cocky/confident manner to try to intimidate Lora. Have the guys flex for about a minute saying stuff like Lora is weak, she's a girl, she's no match against us and stuff like that. Lora will just smile, hands on her waist, still unimpressed. After about a minute of flexing, Lora would say "are you guys done, I got things to do you know" then the guys, in fighting stances surround Lora, the guys then all attack at the same time by throwing in a punch towards Lora, again, Lora ducks to avoid the attack and the guys hit each others instead. This makes all guys groggy/dizzy, this time, do not make the guys go dizzy and wobbly all over the place, instead, just have them spin dizzy once or twice after the impact of the punch enough to get a little distance away from Lora, then have them dizzy staying rooted in one place, just like how the actor that played Ivan did it on the second video. Have the guys be groggy/dizzy for about two minutes, same camera work from the previous video, whole body, close ups, torso and up, showing each guy. After about two minutes of dizziness, Lora would go to each guy, she would deliver a gut punch then an uppercut on each guy, one by one, the guys would get KO'd on the floor after the uppercut. After all guys are on the floor, Lora will go back to the center and say "you guys never learn, surely by now you realize you can't beat me. All you guys spend a lot of time in the gym and yet cannot beat a single girl, 6 strong guys against a little girl like me" Lora laughs cutely. The guys are now angry, Doug recovers first, he attacks Lora but she dodges, she gives Doug a belly punch, then an uppercut, another belly punch and an uppercut, another belly punch then a knee on the head, this made Doug spin once or twice then stays rooted to one place groggy/dizzy. Show Doug dizzy for about 10 seconds. With Doug still dizzy, Charles recovers and attacks Lora, again she dodges and delivers the same moves to Charles making him spin around and stop beside Doug, now both of them dizzy beside each other. Focus on them dizzy for about 20 seconds, not too wobbly (just like what the actor that played Ivan in the second video when he got dizzy in the same situation, side by side witht he others) After 20 seconds, Ivan recovers, he attacks but Lora dodges, Lora gives him an uppercut then delivers fast abdominal punches for about 10 seconds (same as what she did with Brian in the first video, or to Ivan in the second video) after the fast abdominal punches, she uppercuts Ivan and he too spins around and stop beside Charles, now three guys are dizzy side by side, focus on them dizzy for about 20 seconds with different camera work, close up, torso and up. After that, Brian recovers and attacks but Lora dodges and delivers the same moves she did with Ivan (uppercut, fast abdominal punches for then seconds, uppercut), Brian spins around and stops beside Ivan, now 4 guys dizzy side by side, not too wobbly, show the guys dizzy for about 20 seconds then Josh recovers and attacks Lora, she dodges, she gut punches Josh then an uppercut, with Josh dizzy in front of Lora, she spins her right arm around as if charging a powerful uppercut, after charging, she delivers the uppercut to Josh spinning him around next to Brian, now 5 guys are dizzy side by side. Again, focus on them for about 20 seconds. Finally, Matt recovers and attacks, he too received the same moves from lora as what she did with Josh, then Matt spins around next to Josh. Now all guys are dizzy side by side each other, have the camera focus on them for about two and half minutes of dizziness, same camera work, close ups, torso and up, showing each guy. Again, not too wobbly (as what the actor that played Ivan did when he was dizzy in the second video side by side with the others) Lora would just be watching them groggy, smile on her face.

With all guys dizzy side by side in  front of her, Lora will deliver the same moves from the previous video, double gut punches to two guys and double uppercuts. She starts with Doug and Charles, doing five double gut punches and five double uppercut to both guys, repeat this for about three times, then she moves on to Ivan and Brian doing the same thing for three times, then to Josh and Matt delivering the same five double gut punches and five double uppercuts repeated three times. The guys will stay groggy as they receive the punches, they will remain groggy even if Lora moves on to the next set of guys. Again same camera work, close up for reactions, torso and up, whole body. And not too wobbly with the dizziness (just like how the actor that played Ivan on the second video in the same situation when he was groggy side by side with others)

After that, with the guys still groggy, its time to finish them one by one. Lora starts with Doug, she gives him 15 seconds of fast abdominal punches followed by an uppercut, with Doug groggy, she then gives him a nipple twist and while still holding onto his nipples, gives him a headbutt sending him to the ground. Next is Charles, also 15 seconds of fast abdominal punches then Lora punches his head left and right for about 10 seconds with the last punch she sends him next to Doug. Then Lora moves to Ivan, 15 seconds of fast abdominal punches and uppercut then he holds Ivan's head as if to stabilize it and stop him from being groggy, once Ivan is satbilized, Lora will work through his head like a speed bag for about 20 seconds with different camera work-up, the after 20 seconds of speed bagging, an uppercut sends him KO'd to the ground next to Charles. Then it's Brian's turn, also 15 seconds of fast abdominal punches then an uppercut, Lora then spins her right arm like rechargin a powerful uppercut, but this time, as she spins her arm around, her fist hits Brian as if giving him consecutive fast uppercuts, do this for about 15 seconds then she finishes Brian out with a powerful right charged uppercut, Brian falls KO'd next the the guys on the ground, piling them up. Then to Josh, 15 seconds of fast abdominal punches, 20 seconds of speed-bagging his head, Lora clasp her palms twice to his head and a left hook to Josh's head send him on top of the piled KO'd guys. Finally, Matt, again 15 seconds fast abdominal punches, followed by an uppercut, have him dizzy for about 10 seconds, a gut punch followed by an uppercut repeated 3 times then she clasps her palms twice to his head, another gut punch, an uppercut and a left hook sends Matt KO'd on top of the pile. Lora will then put her foot on top of Matt's chest, hands on waist and say, "Round three and still I win, another game over for you guys". After 10 seconds of victory pose, Lora will sit down next to the pile of guys and take a cute selfie with the guys being her background. Lora then walks away after the selfie picture, have the camera focus on the pile of KO'd guys for about 20 seconds then the coach walks in the door looking for the guys. As the coach enters he would say "alright guys it's time to train" then he will be shocked as he sees his boys KO'd and piled on the ground. The coach runs towards them, confused and worried, he would say "are you guys ok? what happened?" But there would be no response as the boys will remains KO'd. The video ends with the coach scratching his head, looking puzzled/confused as the camera fades.

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Lora punishes cocky guys. Part III

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