female fighting stories

  • Lots & lots of face kicking

Custom clip request. 

I love the repetitive back & forth wiper kicks to the face, so please add a lot of this in the video. It's my absolute favorite... I love the cocky, nonchalant attitude.

Scorpion Kicks: Do you think you can execute kicks as seen below in the example pics? This is another type of kick that I'd like to see in the custom. Please be sure to use both feet; and if you can, please try to execute the crossover type as seen in the 3rd example pic.

Repeater Kicks: I've attached a video example of these as well to help illustrate.The subject doesn't matter much to me as I'm mostly interested in just the fighting action, so you can use whatever story line you prefer. Also, I think you look amazing in whatever you choose to wear, so I don't have a particular outfit preference for you either other than having you perform barefoot.

Just be sure to give me lots & lots of face kicking... and more face kicking on top of that!

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Lots & lots of face kicking

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