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Hello Lesley and friends.Congratulations for your videos, I think they are very sexy and funny to watch.My favorite one,by far,is the interrogation.tons of face kicking.I really liked the clothes (sexy shorts),the hair style,the camera work and angles (with the slobber knocker impacts) and ,above all, the acting and the attitude (the nonchalant attitude) of the girls enjoying the beatings and the supremacy.Because of that Id like to see a very similar video.

The story could be: Lesley and Lora are standing in front of the boss.He is sitting and has a briefcase with him.We can also see a guy in the floor against the wall.The boss explains that he is very proud of them and all the gangs they have wiped out (during this little speech the camera could be around the girls so we can see their sexy legs and,if possible, heels or boots and how they smile at each other beacuse of the compliments).He also explains that the guy in the floor is a traitor that wanted to steal his money so he wants to see both lethal girls beating him to a pulp.Of course they agree and proceed to kick his ass.During the beating (about 3 or 4 minutes only),among other things,they send the guy each other like in a tennis match.We can also see the boss really enjoying what he sees, like we are doing as viewers.At some point he is almost in ecstasy so the girls decide to let him participate.Lora throws the traitor away(almost ),Lesley takes the boss and they continues the fun like before.In some way is like we,as viewers, are going to be beaten too.4 minutes later the girls realise that they can take the money too.They only need the code so Lora takes the traitor and Lesley takes the boss and the interrogation begins.From this point,with the girls bare feet and during 16 minutes, we see the same type of action like in the interrogation.I really liked Lesley kicking ass without even looking at her victim or touching him with a finger,Lora smilling while kicking and how both girls talks about how good they are at kicking ass or talking about girls things during the back & forth kicks.

The end could be:the traitor surrenders and says the code,Lora breaks his neck because they dont need him anymore and Lesley puts the boss to sleep with one kick because maybe they will need him for future missions.

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There is no one man who is able to resist us

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