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  • Kiss my foot and stay alive

Custom clip request 

As you know, I prefer your barefoot/karate kicking/secret agent videos. There have been several videos with Lora, where I wish she was barefoot instead of wearing shoes, and I’m requesting that you make a new custom for me. In particular, can you re-make She loves her job. Full HD with Lora barefoot? She can be the same character – sexy, arrogant, confident, little or no talking – wearing a mini dress, hair down. I would also request a few additional changes:

1. She enters all the different areas barefoot and smiling, the same way as the opening of “Under Foot” – slow and sexy – close ups of her feet and legs.

2. Each area has one guard (victim) that she takes down effortlessly. She taunts and teases her victims for a while, then suddenly strikes with mostly head kicks many times to all the victims. They hardly know what hit them. They try to strike back but she blocks all their attempts by kicking their arms away and laughing – they can’t land one blow. When she finally kicks them to the floor, she continues to taunt them with her feet. I’d like to see shots of her victims point-of-view – the same as in “The Plumber,” where she holds up her foot for a while, ready to strike, while her victim is terrified, then suddenly kicks.

3. After her victims are out, she pushes their faces back and forth with her foot to make sure they’re out, then sexily walks away to her next target.

4. When she arrives at the bosses office, he’s scared that she took out all his guards (same as in “She Loves Her Job)” except after she smacks him, she sits in the chair barefoot, swinging her foot back and forth. The boss doesn’t know what to do and begs for his life, but this time the deal is that she makes him kiss her feet, then kicks him down. She finds this amusing and laughs, humiliating him. This happens a few times, until she finishes him with several powerful head kicks. She takes the money, and walks out of the room, slow and sexy.

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Kiss my foot and stay alive

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