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  • Stone Lora vs 2 bullies

Custom clip request 

Hey guys, 

I´d like to request a 2-part clip: 

First part would be similar to the recent "Lora vs Terminatrix" clip, but with one or two (strong looking) men trying to hurt an invulnerable Lora. She´s walking down the street in her usual pink sports top and pants (if you can do bikini that´d be even better) when the strong guys appear trying to intimidate her. She then tells them that they shouldn´t waste their time, since she´s got the strength of at least 100 men, which the men don´t believe. She´s calm and smiles, and encourages them to try and hurt her. That´s how it starts. The whole clips could then be simply the guys giving their best shots at inflicting damage on the smiling lora, watching their guys get exhausted. She´s silly and smiling throughout all the efforts of the men who are desperately trying to hurt her, using even tools like baseball bats, kicks, etc.

Second part: After the men are exhausted trying to hurt laura she agrees on demonstrating them her strength. She sits down on a nearby-bench and table and challenges them to armwrestling. the weaker looking one sits down and takes her on. When he pushes, her arm doesn´t move an inch, and she doesn´t seem to feel him even pushing. She watches him for a couple of seconds, encouraging him to push harder, and then slams his hand down with utmost ease. Now with the stronger looking guy, she decides to toy with him a little bit. She lets him move down her arm almost to the table, and then it suddenly stops. Lora looks playfully bored at him, while he´s trying with all his might putting her arm down the last inch to the table, but it doesn´t move even the slightest bit. There´s no sign of struggle in lauras grin when he even tries with his second hand, and eventually the second guy comes over and their four hands can´t put Lora´s 1 arm down the remaining inches to the table. She then playfully, slowly moves the guys 4 hands down on the other side, winning the fight with utmost ease, before she walks away.

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Stone Lora vs 2 bullies

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