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I came across your ad for customs ... I might be interested!  I'd be interested in seeing you (or Lora) fighting several guys (three, say?) at the SAME time, not just one-after-the-after, and with more back-and-forth fighting going on.  I want to see you win ... but meanwhile, perhaps one grabs you from behind and another punches you in your great abs, and they try really hard to beat you up, while you absorb it all, smiling at them or so.  One could invent some kind of scenario, where you are a superheroine walking around the block, roughing up criminals ... first, one or two at a time, but they find out, they gang up on you, with increasing meanness and weapons (bats? Knifes?), but you show them that you are (eventually) superior, after increasingly tougher fights.  

Outfit: something that shows off your great abs, I'd say, more sporty and super-heroic than dainty.  Otherwise, I could leave most details to you.

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Iron Lora

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