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The victim (shorter person, if possible, guy if possible) is sitting on the couch or bed with arms tied in front. The girl arrives (Hair all down, wearing a LOW-CUT black TANKTOP Lingerie minidress, or LOW-CUT black Tank Top showing cleavage, and Jeans or Shorts, or black leggings), asks a question and whispers in his ear . The girl enters BEHIND him and sits behind him on the couch. She massages his shoulders first while whispering in his ear again, asking a question.

The girl then slowly wraps BOTH HER ARMS around his neck and hugs / embraces him, then slowly tightens the embrace and and does a VERY TIGHT sleeper hold with BOTH ARMS wrapped ALL THE WAY AROUND the victim's neck light a knot, LOCKING both arms sealed VERY tight, with both her hands almost grabbing her opposite shoulders, tight, as possible, like a python. And have the victim sitting between her legs from behind his/her back.Interrogating the victim for information. In a sitting position on the couch. Both sitting on the couch. With the girl doing the sleeperhold WHISPERING sensually in the victim's ear from behind, taunting, laughing, giggling, and occasionally wiggling, dancing, maneuvering the victim's neck, like making fun of the victim. The victim occasionally after the long chokes, but the girl continues to hold and choke tight with both arms, humming in his ear, dancing slowly. The girl occasionally kisses her biceps and are proud of her biceps in a sexual, pleasurable way, while the victim is asleep. Then she wakes the victim up and asks for more information, and does the whole thing over and over again, a few times over and over. Please? Thanks.

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I'll get everything I want

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