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The story involves a female assassin who captures the government gent who has been investigating her organization She humiliates him, tortures him for information, and k*lls him in the end. There are a few costume changes. The assassin uses martial arts, chokes, scissors, and so forth.

As the scenario opens, the agent is sitting in his living room, studying files. There is a knock at the door. He opens it to find you standing there. You are disguised as some kind of maintenance or repair person, wearing overalls or some kind of appropriate uniform. You have glasses on and a baseball-type hat. You are carrying some kind of tool box or bag. He doesn't suspect you or recognize you, although he knows that the evil organization has some female hitwomen.You tell him that you are checking the electrical system in all of the house at the request of the owner. He expresses surprise, but lets you in. When he turns his back on you, you inject him in the neck with a hypodermic needle. He falls to the ground .fade out....

new scene:He is stripped down to his underwear, his mouth is gagged with a pair of pantyhose, he is tied to a chair, placed in the center of a room. He wakes up, and sees you standing in front of him, still in your disguise. You strip out of your outfit as he watches. Under your outfit you have on a long-sleeved leotard and tights, all black, all opaque. You don't do a slow, narcissistic strip-tease, but remove the outer outfit in a business-like way. After you remove your hat, you let down your hair and fluff it out a bit. You also remove your glasses. You then remove a hand-mirror from your bag or tool-kit, and apply lipstick and make-up, as he watches, bound-and-gagged. Again, you perform this act not narcissistically, but matter-of-factly (although you know that this is a way of controlling your victim.) So you have transformed yourself from a plain-looking maintenance person into a glamorous predator. You approach your victim, sit on has lap facing him, your legs straddling his waist,.Now you speak for the first time since you rendered him . Your tone is firm but businesslike, not sadistic or deranged."OK, my dear, let m introduce myself. My name is Lesley. Have you heard of me, do you know who i am?"He shakes his head "yes""So you know that I'm perfectly capable of k*lling you in cold with no hesitation whatsoever. is that right?"He shakes his head "yes," and is visibly very frightened."So this is what i want you to do. I'm going to remove your gag, and then you're going to give me the names of all of the detectives who are investigating my organization."He hesitates for a moment, then shakes his head "no.""I'm sorry, but 'no' is not an acceptable answer. I will get what I need from you, you can be certain of that. And then, my dear, as punishment for your insolence, I'm going to k*ll you."He panics, struggles against his binds, shakes his head "no, no."You remove a hypo needle from your sleeve, show it to him, and say "the chemical in this needle might k*ll you. or it might just put you to sleep. Which do you think it will be?" He show that he is very frightened. Your tormenting him is having the desired effect of breaking him emotionally.You inject him and he goes out. You stare at him for a moment, satisfied. fade out.....

new scene....He is on the floor in his underwear, lying on his side, ankles bound, hands bound behind his back, ball-gag in his mouth. Close-up on his face. Sound from off-camera: a door opens and closes, then the clackety-clack of high-heels making their way across the floor. The heel-clad feet stop directly in front of his face.Camera pans out: You are dressed in a colored leotard (not black) with shiny skin-colored tights. She looks down at her victim. "Hope you had a nice nap. Now we really do have to talk."After delivering this line, you kick your victim sharply in his stomach or side. He winces."You know, I've learned over time that most men have a secret wish. They want to be dominated by w woman in high-heels. Kicked and trampled. They want to kiss her heels, suck on them, be gagged by the points of her shoes. is that what you want? My guess is that you want it."Another sharp kick to the side or stomach.There now follows a few minutes of torture with you using your high-heels. This would include gagging him with the points of the shoes as well as the heels. You do this by standing over him, but also by getting down on the floor with him taking him between your legs into various scissor holds. In this phase, you are not making him worship your feet and shoes, but rather taking his air away and controlling his breathing through a combination of scissors, foot-gags, kicks, and handd-over-mouth holds. Your intention is to establish your absolute life-and- control over him and to break him down psychologically. You then make him stand up, you remove your shoes, and you pummel him with kicks to his head and body.You end this phase by choking him in a figure-four leg scissor.fade-out.....

fade-in....He is back in his chair, bound-and gagged. You are sitting across from him. You are now wearing a red leotard with black opaque tights. He looks at you. You look back at him, smiling, not saying anything. You then say:"We're now ready for the next phase. This usually works. At the end of this phase, either I will have the information I want, or you will be de@d."You get up and then return holding two items: a plastic bag and a glass of wine. You wrap the bag around his head, tighten it, then sit back in chair, legs crossed, and sip on your wine as he asphyxiates. He struggles inside the bag.You remove the bag, let him breath, then slap his face repeatedly, intensifying the shock and breaking him down further. You place the bag back on him, sip some more wine, then more slapping. You then say:"Are you ready to talk, or do you want to go back into the bag? I'm a very patient person, you know." Hes says that he'll talk, begs you not to put the bag back on."Wonderful," you answer. You get a pad and a pen, sit down in front of him, legs crossed, and say "OK, let's have those names."He recites a couple of names.....brief fade out and fade back in to indicate that he recited a long list of names (don't want to use time in the video for a long list, it would break the rhythm.)When he is done, she says "thank you, I'm very grateful for your cooperation. And here is your reward..." she shows him a needle. He groans "no," she injects him, he .Fade out....

fade in (to final scene)He is on the floor in his underwear, . No longer bound or gagged.Camera pans out: You are sitting in your chair, legs crossed, is once again dress in the all-black outfit from the first scene. No shioes.. She walks over to him and kicks him to wake him up. She positions herself a few feet away from him, in a dominant position, and commands:"Get on your knees before me."He is emotionally broken and knows that he is under the control of a dominant woman. He understands what is about to happen, but accepts his fate as an inferior male.He kneels before her.She approaches him, and then places him into a standing head-scissor. She grabs his hands and pulls them upward so that he is paralyzed in her grip. She applied pressure around his neck with her thighs. This scene lasts around a minute, as he slowly asphyxiates. As this happens, the camera carefully studies Iliana's face and body. She has a very determined and dominant look on her face as she strangles him in this way. After he expires, she drops him to the floor, gets a glass of wine, sits on a chair above him, crosses her legs, and relaxes with the wine with a satisfied expression on her face.

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