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  • Bare handed choking from Lora

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Lora infiltrates into a den of crooks (5 males) and kills them with her bare hands.

1st Kill - She grabs the first guy by the throat and slams him against a wall and proceeds to choke him to death with her hand (one handed)

2nd Kill - A double handed throatlift where she crushes the guy's throat

3rd Kill - A straddle 2 handed strangle to death with her sitting on his chest

4th Kill - A one handed throatlift where she breaks the guy's neck with a flick of her wrists

5th Kill - A standing one handed strangle kill where she just grabs the guy by the throat and chokes him to death.

If you can make her smile/laugh at her victims while she is doing the killing, it would be awesome.

*This clip contains bare handed choking only and nothing else

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Bare handed choking from Lora

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