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  • Lora proves that she is the best master in the city

Custom clip request 

Wardrobe and Setting 

I want Lora to be barefoot for the entire fight and have red nail polish on her toes. I would also prefer her to NOT wear glasses. Other than these exceptions, I would like her outfit, hair and makeup to be the same as in the video, “Teacher Lora vs Boss and Killers.”

·       The setting is apartment style such as the one in “Teacher Lora vs Boss and Killers.”


Here is a general idea: Lora has just moved into a new town and sees an ad of a man who says he is the karate master and he invites anyone who dares to challenge him. Being a skilled fighter, Lora looks at the address, smirks and decides to go to his apartment for the challenge.

In the apartment, the man is shown doing some paperwork at a desk.

Lora walks in (she can be wearing heels up to this point) and says “I heard you are the karate master. I have come to challenge you.”

The man looks up and laughs, saying “you? A woman? Please, don’t waste my time.”  Lora replies, “I insist. If you win, I will never bother you again.”

The man sighs and gets up from his desk, saying “fine, this shouldn’t take long anyway.” He walks in front of Lora. Lora then confidently smiles and takes her heels off (zoom in on her feet as she takes them off). They both assume a fighting stance.

The man says “I am not responsible for your safety. Don’t cry when you get hurt.” Lora smirks and says “I don’t plan on it.” Fight begins.

Fighting Choreography

I love the fighting choreography that is in “Teacher Lora vs Boss and Killers” so I want the fighting in my video to be the same, except for a couple changes:

·       More kicks, less punches. I also love when Lora blocks two punches and kicks the man in the stomach after. Add in some jumping kicks too.

·       I want the fighting to be faster paced, meaning that there should be less pause between each strike (this should be easier since Lora will be barefoot).

·       PLEASE DO NOT do face slap kicks or any back & forth kicks. Also, DO NOT REPLAY kicks or punches in slow motion after Lora has already done the kick/punch. And no POV.

·       I want the man to fight back during the whole fight and land a few hits on Lora, but most of the fight should be Lora dominating. As the fight progresses, he gets more frustrated as he is losing.

Other than these points, you should keep the style of fighting that was in “Teacher Lora vs Boss and Killers.” The stomach kicks were really well done, so including more of those would be great. Finally, make sure the man responds in pain whenever he is hit (the acting of this was good in “Teacher Lora vs Boss and Killers”)

Foot Chokes

·       A good time to do a foot choke is when Lora beats the guy to the ground with a barrage of different kicks/punches. She will then place one foot on top of his neck to choke him for 40-50 seconds. 

·       IMPORTANT: The guy must act like he’s suffering from being choked. I want him to be coughing and gasping for air A LOT and have his hands on her ankle/leg trying desperately to pull her foot off his throat (but failing). His body should be squirming as he is being choked. Make sure that this hands and arms don’t block the view of Lora’s foot and toes. When she lifts her foot, the guy has to gasp for air. There should be about 3 foot chokes throughout the fight (not including the execution foot choke).

Execution (use camera angle 1 for most of this foot choke)

At the end, when the guy has already been beaten badly and is in a lot of pain, Lora should give him one more flurry of kicks/punches and a final jump kick to send him to the ground. Go hard on these last round of kicks. The guy should still be conscious but very weak. As Lora walks towards him, he tries to get up a little, but she puts her foot on his chest and presses him back down and says “What was that about me crying again?” She then moves her foot onto his neck for the final foot choke.  This foot choke should be about 1.5 minutes long.

After ~1 minute of choking, the guy begs for mercy, saying that she has won and can become a karate master like him. Lora just smiles and says “there can only be one karate master.” She increases the pressure of her foot on his neck. The man makes some last desperate attempts to get her foot off his throat by moving his body and trying to pull her foot off, but Lora’s foot remains firm on his throat. The man’s body and arms SLOWLY stop moving and fall to the ground as he is choked to death (make sure he is coughing and gasping for air A LOT!). Lora leaves her foot on his throat as the camera zooms out. She lifts her foot, smiles, and places her foot on his chest. She victory poses for a couple seconds and says “they’ll never learn” and steps over the dead body and walks out of the apartment.

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Lora proves that she is the best master in the city

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