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  • Karate in pantyhose with reinforced toe. Part II

Custom clip request. 

Hi Lesley, Here is next custom, same type karate ballet secret agent, different story,

Please have your hair hanging this time (not ponytail) , also reinforce section as big as possible comes above the toes (if possible) and leotard sleeves comes to hands.

Scene.1 She walks in with karate pose and find the first man on the floor already karate chopped in pain, his eyes wide open, she puts her toes right in front of his eyes please show them both in the scene and not just her toes I like tosee him looking at her toes (him in the camera too like pic.1 or similar). She asks him where are the rest of the karate gangs, he looks at her toes the whole time says Im hurt just finish me with karate moves. She now put toescloser to his eyes almost touching it, she now locks his hands bends his fingers and performs exactly like pic.2,3,4 on him, puts pressure on his neck chokes him while his eyes wide open looking at her toes. A*er he is choked andunconscious his eyes still open, she says thats what you wanted karate.

Scene.2 throwing the judo man out from balcony or hi rise buildingKarate man is escaping, she follows him up in the hi rise building, they face each other and go to karate pose. He start throwing objects at her (whatever like knife or other things), she bends miss them left and right, she know throws very high kicks at him .He tries to escape but her kicks keep coming one after the other. He now grabs her body and drags her to the edge of balcony or windows or that tall building and pushes her to the edge, she looks down and sees very deep down and close to fall down very dangerous. He now put his arm on her neck push to drop her from building. she looks down again its very highhe now grabs her leg and stretches her leg way up push both her stretched leg and hands on her neck to drop her, she is almost falling. Now she come up a li/le up and karate chops his neck hard puts him in pain. He gets dizzy release her, She now stands right there put hands over waist very relax, he gets super angry and full force runs towards her and a/acks her with both hands punched to finish her. She bendsand throws him over her shoulder from edge of the building, he screams loud and falls from the hi rise to the street pic.5 or similar. Please show as he is falling down, she put both her hands way up spread apart, legs spreadapart too with knees bent a li/le to show the pose, she says haaaaa.she freeze in that pose till the scene is over. She then says what a karate throw screaming loud.

Scene 3.Karate man looking on the floor for secret document and now sees her pantyhose toes, please have the legs spread apart not together. He then turns around and looks at the other toes. She says I just threw your friend out of hi rise building with ballet move. She now does the end scene pose in above scene (spread legs and puts her hands spread apart way up towards ceiling, knees bent a li/le) and tells him this was the move I used on him. He gets very angry gets up and says Ill take his revenge from you. They now bend way down bow to her toes few times please this time show the bow slow and freeze it when they both bend way down looking at her toes for few seconds, she wants to make sure he is looking a good look at her toes. They now exchange many high kicks, she now kicks him repeatedly under his chin or toes front of his face then hits his ankle makes his ankle weak.she continues hi kicks to front of his face then hits his ankle. Finally she they both goe to karate pose again , he is very hurt in the ankle looking her toes, she now goes one more high kicks front of his face, he guards his face but she change and instead hits his ankle very hard with back of her foot pic.6 and breaks it. He screams loud and she knows his ankle is broken. He pretends nothing has happened but she knows he is finished. She now bends way way down and bows him and freeze like that, he waits for few seconds but cant pretends anymore grabs his ankleand falls right in front of her toes lookin at it. She now goes to secne.2 end pose (hi rise end pose hands up) he is looking at her from toes up..she now says one fallen from hi rise and the other one broken ankle. He screams loud holds his ankle, eyes wide open looking at her toes goes .

Scene.4 She is sitting on the chair legs crossed waiting for Karate man, pic7 or similar. He walks in with the g*n looks for her but cant see her. She fools him by throwing things on the floor he keeps shooting where the sound comes from. She is counting his bullets and now tells him are you looking for me ? he turns around surprised and says yes and now you are a secret agent he pulls the trigger but no more bullet left. As she is still on the chair legs crossed says sorry I counted all your bullets you are out of luckhe gets very angry and throws the g*n at her full force, she bends and miss the g*n (please show this bend from different angles). She know dives from the chair on the floor and sweeps his legs like pic.8 (looks at him in the face like pic) he falls hard on the floor breaks his back. She now raise her leg up pic9 and says the last man broken back, she freeze like that till the scene is over.

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Karate in pantyhose with reinforced toe. Part II

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