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  • The interrogation. Tons of face kicking

Custom clip request. 

Hi Lesley,

You did the "Lots & Lots of Face Kicking" custom for me last month. I wanted to get another similar video again, but this time I want a video with both you and Lora to destroying 2 guys. I'd like for you both to be beat them up at the same time, with the camera cutting back & forth between both fights; I'd also like wide angles mixed in too so I can see both of you girls all at once kicking the guys all around the place.

I want the exact type of action as before. Tons of face kicking, the back & forth kicks (with the nonchalant attitude) and the scorpion kicks.

I also wanted you to try some "slobber kn0cker" impacts this time around.

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The interrogation. Tons of face kicking

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