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  • Terminatrix Lora crushes the balls

Custom clip request  

Hi, Lesley I really enjoyed “Terminatrix Casey crushes the balls clip” so I like you do one based on that clip but with a few changes. 

Actors : The Terminatrix should be played by ether you or Lora,  there a total of 12 bandits in the clip, it doesn’t matter if there the same actors as long there wearing something to cover their face, and like in “Terminatrix Casey crushes the balls clip” you should shoot somewhere so the Terminatrix doesn’t get her feet dirty. 

Wardrobe:  All black with sunglasses, leather leggings with transparent/skin nylons (  like shown in the picture below) , red nail polish, the Terminatrix wears shoes only for the first scene, for the rest of the clip the Terminatrix is barefoot. 

Scene 1 :  As the Terminatrix  appears from the time machine, ( already in her full clothes )   she walks up to bandit and punches him in the stomach killing him. 

Scene 2:  As the Terminatrix starts walking in the building there is a bandit in front of her that starts firing at her with his gun ( with no effect ) the Terminatrix pauses and gives curious looks at him for a few seconds then she takes off her shoe's and walks up to him and puts her foot on his neck against the wall holding it there for about 10 seconds then breaks his neck by twisting her foot, after killing him another bandit attacks her with a gun,  after he stops firing the Terminatrix wonders for a few seconds and then kicks him in the balls with the foot showing from the other side and and holds her foot there for 7 seconds, exactly like how its done in “Terminatrix Casey crushes the balls clip” but this time the bandit is facing forwards. ,  ( show multiple angles). 

Scene 3. As she starts walking, a another bandit comes into the hallway with a knife and try's to stab her, but she grabs his hand and breaks it,  as he lies on floor in agony the Terminatrix  takes off her sunglass and puts her foot on his balls  and start integrating the bandit asking questions like 'where is your leader ' and 'how many are you' the bandit responds to the Terminatrix by saying 'fuck you' and Terminatrix pauses for second wondering how to respond then crushes his balls with one twist of her foot, ( show multiple angles ) Unable to track the location of the leader , the Terminatrix decides to play dead and lies on the floor, about 15 seconds later three men come and try to figure out what happened, thinking she dead they decide to take her body to their headquarters, Use Terminatrix vision at least 3 times in this scene.  

Scene 4:  When they take the Terminatrix to their headquarters they put her on the floor. But when one of the bandits try's to touch her she reactivates and sends her foot upwards into his groin and holds it there for 7 seconds killing him, ( show multiple angles) when she gets up another bandit attacks her with a bat but she grabs the bat and chokes him with it, then the third bandit attacks her with a gun, she grabs his neck and lifts him up and then with one twist breaks his neck, after that she scans the whole room with her terminator vision looking at the bodies then leaves. 

 Scene 5:  The Terminatrix goes into the room and there is a bandit there on a computer, he immediately picks up his gun and starts firing at the Terminatrix, the robot slowly walks towards him, he keeps firing until he runs out of bullets, then she grabs him by the neck, and while she’s holding him against the wall another bandit attacks her from behind, she gets a annoyed look on her face and back kicks him in the balls and the bandit is thrown into the ground, she then turns her attention to the bandit she’s holding against the wall and asks where his leader is, the bandit says he’ll be back in a couple of hours she then snaps his neck, after that she walks to the bandit lying on the floor and puts her feet between his head and turns her legs killing him,  after that she sits on the bed and goes into sleep mode with eyes open.  

Scene 6 :  After a couple of hours, the leader comes back with two bodyguards and sees there are three corpse lying on the ground, then he goes into the room and sees two bodies on the floor and a girl sitting on the bed frozen, he walks up to her and looks at her for a about 10 seconds but when he touches her she reactivates and kicks him into the ground, the bodyguards try’s to attack her but she locks her legs around the neck of the first bodyguard, and grabs the neck of the second by hand, she holds them there by around 10 seconds, during that time she turns her head and looks at leader who is terrified, then she chokes both bodyguards, ( show multiple angles) , after that she gets up and walks up to him, she uses her Terminatrix vision identifying him as the leader and raises her foot that’s when he starts to beg for his life, about ten seconds later she stomps her foot into his balls and twists once killing him, include “cracking sound” ( show multiple angles) . 

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Terminatrix Lora crushes the balls

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