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  • The powerful pressure of Lora's legs will easily crush your head

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This is POV video 

First Scene:

Your are a new soldier of russian fighter the strengh of 100 mens and you wanna find out how strong you really are you love bodyscissor and feet play.your test your strengh at a men.Your dress could be black and short. you gonna crush him complety with you super strong legs in a bodyscissor legs around his chest. You crush him slowly crush every bone in his body a lot of crush and crack sounds of bones. Maybe screams of his pain and you enjoying your powerplay. the View should like the men lies real in your legs (cam) and you squezze him totally flat and crush all of him.

Secound Scene:

Now you wanna test how strong your feet are

You find a new men stand in front of him Point of view from his eyes, you smile and lick your lips and put one finger under his chin in lift him only with one finger in the air... You moans oh yes this is power and laugh then you let him down and hit him in the face he falls down. You sit on his legs your feet gonne touch his head one feet left one right (like you hold a cam with you feet)and you say let see if i can crush your head with me feet...you begin to squezze the head begin to crack and his skull become tears you squezze harder you laugh and enjoing the play many crush sounds at the end his head explode between your feet.

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The powerful pressure of Lora's legs will easily crush your head

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