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  • Test the strength of our minds

Custom clip request 


I would ask you if this clip is possible to make. 

You are a Goddess with abnormal super strong power :) and Lora also too. You wanna find out how strong you both are. 

You both dressed hot with big heels you lured some mens in a bulding and play with him.

 First you both are playing with one men You are walk close to him and stay in front of him then you say its time for fun you say lora stay behind him she do it.

Then you both want to hug  the men he is in the middle You both moans and laugh evil like lets show how strong we are both moans and begin to crush him between you and lora.

This bones begin to crush and break many Sound effect by crushing. Point of view is like in the vids Wonder Lora destroys the gang that we can se the men between both. then you crush him more and more he really explode under the pressure you both did and his body explode with special effect a explosin and his body disappear important is the  explosin :). then Your and Lora say omg thats aswesome we are so strong and its so a nice power feeling.

Then a next men comes up then You try a new power move you want to crush / explode his body with only you mind you smile at him and laugh and moans and snap with you finger and the men explode by your mind power ( a big  explosin special effect and the men disappear) You moans and say that is unbelievable iam so mega strong and laugh evil like. Then Lora want to beat you she say she can do it better 5 mens coms up and she smile and moans to the mens she show a fist then spreads the fist and all 5 mens explode by this mind power move in a big  explosion ( special effect)and the mens a disappear. She says ohh yes iam sooo strong that is great. The screen gos black and then only the voice of you both are to here. Then you say mhhh i wanna crush a car with mens inside to a really small metall pice mhh lets say 1mm tall and laugh and moans oh yes this is a great idea. then you say oh these a pickup with 4 mens inside mhh i crush this. you begin to crush this truck with your mind power now we here a lot of cracking metall and screams of mens more and more the truck got crush smaller and smaller and now we here cracking sounds of bones and metall bending sounds. 

Then the truck a crushed to a 1 mm tall metall pice and you laugh and moans oh yess hmm im soo strong that was so good. 

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Test the strength of our minds

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