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Custom clip request 

Hello Lesley, 

I'm looking for a studio to shot many ballbusting scenarios. 

Some details about the script : 

- 2 scenes.
- One location : in kind of the clip “You're silly boy if you think I came to entertain you”.
- Lora versus 3 opponents.
- Lora is an executrix, a castratrix. She's so skilled that she can castrate a man with just one blow. Her fighting attitude is not “fighter” but “sexy”. She likes to mock her opponent and to play with his pain. She wears exactly the same outfit (make up, dress, high heels, pantyhose) than in the custom “The witness will not stay alive”.
- The 3 actors wears very good protections (protective cup for example), so Lora can kick and crush their balls very hard, so we can see the shoe or the knee deeply pushed in the groin. 
- There is just few blows, but each blow is very violent, so the contacts seems to be real and violent, and each blow is very well staged. I love the “second view with different angle”, and the “second view with slow motion”, you can use it for each blow of the script.
- The play of the 3 men actors are very important for me. Their reactions must be credible and expressive. The afflictions they suffer are terrible, they lose their balls, so they have to yell, cry, bend, shake, in order the blows seems real... Will it be possible to convene for the roles 3 of your men who are skilled in acting, and to give the role of the boss to the best of the 3 ? I would to see expressive actors, who aren't shy and are able to groan and yell in terrible pain being credible.
- Lora and the men can take liberties with my dialogues. Particularly when the men beg her to stop, they can improvise if they feel it.

The script :

The revenge of the castratrix (feel free to change the title for your store...)

Scene 1 :

Lora walks up to a henchman in the entrance. During her walk, we can see clearly her body and her legs (same outfit than in the custom “The witness will not stay alive”). He looks at her legs and at her body and he likes it. She says she has a date with the boss. He laughes and says “Ok, but I have to search you...” He smiles and comes to her, and puts his hands on her breast, and his hands move down very slowly, stroking her body : he touches her hips, then he touches her butt, then he touches her thighs, then he touches her calves and strokes it. He says “Ok, no weapon... but I have to test the merchandise before the boss use it...” and he claspes her to him. She says, pushing softly the man's chest to make he moves backward : “Wait, you're wrong, I've got a weapon, you touched it...” The man don't understand. He moved backward and he is on the good range for a kick, so, keeping a sexy attitude, she explains : “... I can break your balls with one kick...” and she instantly kicks him in the balls, a very violent kick with the top of the foot. (At the moment of the blow, we can see the body of Lora and of her opponent in entire). The impact was so violent that we heard the sound of it when the foot crushed the balls. He instantly groans in pain and falls to the ground, contorting actively in pain and shaking, yelling, in a foetal position, holding his painfull balls. His pain is huge because his balls are ruptured, his groan is terrible, and maybe he cries. Lora is satisfied to have castrated him with only one kick and enjoys to see him groaning on the floor. We can see clearly the Lora's body and legs and the henchman contorting in pain on the floor. A second henchman, who heard the yell of his friend, enters fastly and catches Lora from behind, his arms around her belly, and says angry : “What have you done bitch ?!”. She then brings her heel up backwards into his balls (it's not the heel of the shoe which crushes the balls but the heel of the foot, entering hardly and deeply in the groin). (And at the moment of the blow, we can see the body of Lora and of her opponent in entire). The man yells instantly, falls down on his knees, his face against her butt, one arm still around her (around her legs), the other hand holding his painful balls. She smiles, then turns over, puts her hands on her hips, and gives him a solid knee to the face. The man falls on his back. She says “ And you, what have you done asshole ? you and your gang have beat my friend, you remember the beating of the previous week ? it was my friend. You're going to regret it.”. The man (if he could have fake blood under his nose it will be great) says : “Oh no, please, I didn't do anything ! I wasn't there... I was... I was ill ! ”. She puts her foot on his balls, the sole of the shoe, she pushes hard into his balls to make him groan, and she says : “You choose to lie ?.. Ok... so I'm going to castrate you under my shoe, it's the most terrible way to lose his balls you know... too bad for you...”. The man is totally afraid, he says : “Oh no please ! Ok ! I was there ! I'm sorry I was there ! We were all there ! please don't castrate me please !” Lora is amused. She says : “It's well... you're right to tell the truth... So I'm going to pop your balls in a more sympathetic way.” and she grabs him hard by the balls and walks with the balls totally squeezed in her hand, the man is obliged to follow her as a dog following his mistress, and he groans because it's a painful way to move... She comes near a wall and puts him back against the wall. She grabs his wrists and puts it against the wall on either side of his head. She moves tight to his body with a sexy attitude, teasing him. We can see clearly the Lora's body and legs while she maintains him against the wall. He begs her to not hit him, but she mocks him, and, maintaining his wrists, without preparing the blow, just in swinging her pelvis, she gives him a sudden and very hard knee to the balls, moaning in pleasure, a knee so hard it pops his balls. (At the moment of the blow, we can see the body of Lora and of her opponent in entire). The knee is deeply in the balls, and Lora maintains the knee against the balls during several seconds : she enjoys to feel the balls popped against her knee. The man cries out, a cry of pain and surprise, he is surprised to feel he loses his balls with just one knee. He is still maintained by the wrists, and he bends on the Lora's knee and his thighs are very tightened around her knee, and he groans. Then, she releases his wrists, and the man collapses along the wall, his hands on his painful balls. To mocks him, she mimics his pain, putting her hands on her cunt area. The man is sat on the floor the eyes and the mouth wide open and seems to be paralysed by the huge pain. Lora walks, to continue and find the boss of the gang, we can see her body and her legs as she passes near the first henchman : he is still on the floor, still groaning and contorting in pain...

Scene 2 :

Lora enters in the room of the boss. She walks slowly, smiling, self-assured, and we can see clearly her body and her legs. The boss, who is not particularly strong, is afraid : he knows Lora, he knows why she comes here, he knows her nicknamed is “the castratrix”, he knows she is skilled, and so he knows his balls are in danger... While Lora comes to him, he tries to talk to her. He says something as “Lora please, I regret the beating of your friend, I'm so sorry, I could do anything for you, to fix that, please, I regret, please”. When she is close to him, he tries to surprise her : he tries to give her a right punch, but she counters with her forearm, he tries to give her a left punch, but she counters with her other forearm, and in a very quick move, she catches his forearms and, maintening the catch, kicks him very hard in the balls (with the top of the foot) with a little sexy cry. (At the moment of the blow, we can see the body of Lora and of her opponent in entire). The impact is very violent, he instantly falls down on his knees and groans in pain with a very ridiculous reaction, and Lora continues to hold his forearms during a few seconds, mocking his inferiority and his ridiculous reaction of pain. Then, she releases him and he falls down to the ground contorting in pain, holding his painfull balls, afraid because he doesn't know if his balls are lost or not... We can see clearly the Lora's body and legs and the boss contorting in pain on the floor. Lora tells him he's going to pay for organising the beating. She puts him on his back, then puts her foot on his balls (the sole of the shoe), with a sexy and dominant attitude. (during a major part of the crushing, we can see the body of Lora and of the boss in entire). She puts her hand against the wall to keep balance, and her other hand to her hip. (look at my drawings for the position of the stomping action). The boss is afraid, and he puts timidly and with powerless his hands in the air, near her foot, as he would to avoid a future blow. She strokes the dick's area with her foot, stroking with the sole of the shoe, with a sexy attitude. She says mischieviously : "Do you prefer a shoejob or... a castration ?”. He says, begging with intensity : "oh no please... no... please, dont' do that please, I could do anything for you, I could give you anything but please don't crush my balls please !..." She continues to stroke the dick area, and says mischieviously : “ I think I'm going to choose the castration... I want to see your pathetic face when my foot will emasculate you, grinding your precious balls”. And she begins to softly crush his balls with the sole of her shoe, twisting slowly with her ankle, as if she crushes a cigarette butt, with a sexy attitude. We can see the foot sinking into the trousers, into the balls. He groans, he begs her, and he catches her calf and her ankle with his hands, trying to put it off, but in vain, her leg his to strong for him. Sometimes she pushes with the toe of the shoe making him feeling a severe pain. She plays with him, with his fear, with his pain... Then, she pushes her foot hard and down, still deeper into the trousers and the balls, looking at him with a deadly look, making him cry out while he's still catching her ankle and her calf in vain. He groans in pain and says : “Oh no please ! don't castrate me... I apologize !.. please Lora please !"
Then, enjoying, and with a sexy erotic cry, she gives him a sudden and very very very hard stomp kick in the balls. We can hear “Clack !” : the stomp was so violent that the sole of the shoe went through the balls and hit the floor ! The balls are totally flattened, crushed between the sole of the shoe and the floor ! (and at the moment of the blow, we can see the body of Lora and of her opponent in entire). The man yells in a very very great pain, worthy of a horror movie, straightening up suddenly his chest so he is sat on the floor, putting his powerless hands on Lora's foot. His yell is horrible. Lora maintains the pressure, the sole of her shoe crushing the balls against the floor, enjoying this moment with an erotic pleasure, and the man's hands are still put powerless on the Lora's foot, and he is still sat on the floor, looking at her with suffering and despair. The balls are already ruined, but then, just for fun, with a very sexy attitude, Lora twists 3 times slow and hard with her foot, crushing his balls on the floor as if she crushes a cigarette butt. Then she puts off her foot. She looks at him and at his pain, with a real pleasure : he is sat on the floor... his afflicted face is pathetic... he has his hands on his crushed balls... he groans and almost can't breathe... he's crying... She mocks him, telling him he is pathetic, then she comes out, and we can clearly see her body and her legs, while the boss continues to suffer sat on the floor... The end.

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Castratrix Lora

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