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It starts with the two guys playing basketball (they would be wearing shirts for this part, any shirt will do) Then the girl walks in, serious look on her face. The girl says "I'm looking for Brian and Josh". The guys would confirm its them. She would then ask the guys if they know a boy named Kyle, both guys would laugh and Brian would say, "That wimp!? We sent him home crying for his mommy" The girl would then say that she is Kyle's sister and she did not like her brother getting bullied by them. She challenges the guys to a basketball game, the guys agreed then Brian would say "we will be skins", then both guys took their shirts off in a confident and cocky way, they would flex their muscles and try to intimidate the girl while shirtless (could you focus the camera on the guys as they flex for about 15-30 seconds with confident smirks on their faces). The girl just smiles then the game begins. Just show a short scene with the basketball game, maybe show the girl scoring some hoops, the guys tired and cannot catch up with the girl. The girl wins the game, but the guys are upset. Josh shoves/pushes the girl, she would say "so that's how you wanna play the game" then the fight begins.

Brian throws in a punch, girl catches it with her left hand, she saw Josh advancing from behind, she back kicks and hits Josh in the groin, Josh cups his balls, then with her right hand she send a punch to Brian's groin and he cups his balls. With both guys cupping their balls, she kicks Josh in the chin sending him to the ground, then she delivers and uppercut to Brian's chin, straightening him up, he would be groggy/dizzy, limp hands on sides swaying, head spinning. Could you focus on him being groggy for about 15 seconds, different camera angles with full body and then just from torso and up. Still groggy, the girl delivers multiple fast abdominal punches to Brian for about 30 seconds, again different camera angles, showing the punches on his belly, then the whole scene with the girl delivering the punches to Brian then his torso and up showing facial reactions. She finishes up the punches with an uppercut sending Brian to the ground.

Josh and Brian recover from the beating, look at each other as if communicating a synchronized attack, the attack the girl at the same time from both sides, girl just drops to her knees to avoid the attack making Brian and Josh hit each other instead. With them hitting each others faces, they both are groggy/dizzy facing each other with the girl in between them. Again make them both dizzy for 15 or more seconds. The girl do a double uppercut with each her fist connecting to each guy's groin, both guys bent over to cup their ball but hit each others head instead and they rebounded spinning and groggy right in front of the girl now, the girl facing both guys groin area. She then decides to lay down comfortable on the ground, hands behind her head, laughing watching both boys in front of her both dizzy, heads spinning, make the guys dizzy for about 30 seconds, different camera angles. After watching them, she would say, "are you guys just gonna dance?", with both guys standing above her, she sends both her feet to each guys groins, each guys bends in half with her foot still in their groin, keep them in this position for about 30 sec to a minute with different camera to include guys facial reactions and their bodies clenching. She then releases her foot to their groins, stood up, both guys now cupping their balls in front of her, she delvers double uppercut to the guys chin straightening them then grabs their balls tight, the guys moan in pain trying to cup their balls but her hand is on the way, holding onto their balls. While holding their balls, she walks them and pins their back on the wall, then she releases. She delivers another double uppercut, the guys now groggy/dizzy using the wall to support them. The guys side by side close to each other, she delivers rapid abdominal punches to both, right fist to the guy on the right, left fist on the guy on the left, alternating. Do this for about a minute, camera showing the punches, the guys reactions torso and up.... after a minute she proceeds with right and left hooks alternating, each side hook punch each both guys right, left, right, left their heads helpless just turning side by side with each punch. Also do this for a minute, followed by another 30 seconds of dizziness for both guys then she bangs their heads together and they fall on the ground, eyes rolled up as they fall.

The girls goes back to the center of the basketball court/place, Josh recovers first, angry, he charged at the girl with a punch, she dodges it, drops her knees to the ground then sends about 10 fast straight punches to Josh's groin, then works his balls like a speedbag, do the speedbag for about a minute and 30 seconds, different camera angles, the speedbagging, the guys reactions, his torso/body wiggle/trembles with each blow. The speedbag finishes with an uppercut to the groin, Josh cups his balls, girl stands up and delivers a knee to Josh's head, he drops his back to the ground. The Brian recovers, he also attacked with a punch, again the girl drops to her knees and delivers the same to Brian, 10 straight fast punches to groin, followed by a speedbag to the groin for a minute and 30 seconds, then an uppercut, cupping his balls, the girls finishes with a knee to Brian's head dropping his back on top of Josh. Then focus the camera on both guys on top of each other for a few seconds. Then have the girl put her foot to Brian's chest, show the whole scene, the she says "game over", she then walks away stepping on to each guys chest as she walked. It ends with the camera just focused on the guys for about 15 seconds then the camera fades.

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Lora punishes cocky guys

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