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  • Girls next door are sorting things out

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The premise of the story is quite simple. Two neighbors hate each other and decide to settle their differences with a fight. No setup necessary. Lora just arrives at the place where Casey is waiting for her and they start to fight. No dialogue necessary. 

The fighting should consist of punches, kicks, elbows and knees to the face and torso in more or less equal proportion, with the occasional head-but or ground and pound sprinkled in. No grappling or wrestling. 

The fight should be hard and tough, but above all, it should be very evenly matched. Completely back and forth. A person watching it should not be able to predict who will win. 

Around the 6:00 minute mark Lora starts to subtly gain the upper hand, landing 2 strikes for every one that Casey lands, but it should still be back and forth. 

Around the 8:00 minute mark Casey should start looking wobbly and unsteadily even as she continues to fight. Around the 9:00 minute mark the fight becomes one-sided, with Lora delivering a beat-down on Casey. But Casey should still try to fight back.

The fight should end with Casey on her knees after several knee-strikes to the face. Then Lora finishes her off with a spinning kick to the face. Then Lora walks away.

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Girls next door are sorting things out

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