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  • Film 3. Secret agent Lesley vs. Burglars

Custom clip request. 

Premise: Agent Lesley is at home & is preparing to go out. Whilst she is getting ready her flat is infiltrated by burglars & she has to defend herself & of course wipe them out.

Lesley: Black underwear (either 2 piece or a 'body').Black high heels (red soles would be great but are not essential so very happy with the Agent Lesley Pt1 footwear).Possibly a sheer (semi see through?) very short black wrap around dressing gown if underwear on its own deemed too little to wear?Seemed stockings would be cool but not essential if you think its too much!Red nails/lipstick would be great. (see attached photo as a general guide)

Burglars: To wear trainers, jeans, t-shirts & balaclavas (or bank robber stockings over the head).The burglars to be armed with bats & knives.

Scene 1The camera slowly pans up from the ground to see Lesley in heels & outfit applying makeup (inc. red lipstick).Essentially looking HOT!! Burglars (lots of them) break in. She doesnt hear them & continues to apply make-up. Next we see a burglar slowly walk up but she sees him in the reflection of the mirror. She sees us (as in the viewer) & winks to the camera/mirror (a clue that she is about to spring into action) The burglar is about to strike but she spins round & with hands on the sink behind her (for balance) unleashes a flurry of high kicks that has the burglar dazed in no time. He still has his knife or bat in his hand as she slinks away from the sink & gets behind him. She gets him in an arm lock that has him crying in pain so that he drops the bat. L: Good boy.now tell me why you are here. B: He can only groan in pain at first but says weve been sent to k*11 you & take your secret documents. We didnt know you could fight.(he groans again) L: Oh you have no idea stud..Im a self defence expert. Let me show you. With this she pushes him away & destroys him with kicks.(some in slow motion would be good) After a while the burglar is knocked out on the floor. Lesley sashays over to him & stands over him. Lesley then leans forward (with straight legs) & grasps his throat with both hands (great shot from behind?). After a short struggle the burglar is . Lesley slowly raises herself back up & with hands on hips places a high heel on his groin & says to him. L: "So Mr Burglar how does it feels to be conquered by a sexy agent using her martial arts"? She laughs & sashays away...

Scene 2 Lesley sees a burglar rummaging through her clothes in the bedroom. He doesnt hear her approach. Lesley stuns him with a karate chop. The dazed burglar turns round & sees this vision in front of him. He tries to take a swing but each time Lesley blocks his arm. She then unloads a few uppercuts to his face that has him back against the wall. Lesley (with hands on hips) walks like a model up to him & puts one hand round his throat & with the other grabs his balls. The burglar groans but Lesley just smiles. L: So you naughty boy.you try & steal from me..I will knock you out then finish you. Lesley squeezes with both hands. The pain eventually makes him pass out. Lesley continues to squeeze (she smiles) & finally snaps his neck. He drops to the floor & she walks off.

Scene 3 Lesley sees a burglar & with a beckoning finger/blowing a kiss draws him closer. When he's by her she sexily runs her fingers around his head (even though he has a balaclava/ski mask on...).Lesley whispers to him (so we can hear it) "You want me don't you....well I'm going to knock you out then finish you off".Lesley delivers a few knees to his nuts that has him doubled over.She then puts a hand on his head & delivers a few knees to his face. The guy is almost out.Lesley then knocks him out with a couple of high kicks.The guy is out on the floor but Lesley isn't done.L: "Now time to finish you off...".Lesley then sashays over to him & puts a high heel on his throat. He wakes & tries to prise the heel away but isn't able to. After a struggle his arms fall to the ground. Lesley laughs then twists her heel& "snap" he's gone....

Scene 4 A burglar walks past a corner where Lesley is waiting around the other side. As the guy comes round the corner she karate chops his windpipe to stun him; then she double karate chops his neck to render him even weaker; Lesley then puts both hands around his neck& says in a seductive & slightly patronising way "just surrender darling" & slowly chokes him until he's out; Lesley then let's him go & he collapses on the floor. She leans up against the wall & checks her nails (like shes bored). L: Come on big man. Wake up I want you to see this sexy girl finish you. He stirs & gets up takes another knife from his belt & rushes Lesley. Lesley has taken off her dressing gown & uses this to take the knife from him. She then destroys him with kicks & punches. The scene ends with the guy almost out on a chair/sofa with Lesley standing in front in a sexy pose. L: I want you to watch me finish you Lesley then steps back & after 3-4 high kicks the guy in with his neck broken/head back. Lesley blows him a kiss & waves at him as she walks away.

Scene 5 Lesley sees another burglar & he attacks her with a bat. She dodges his attack & manages to get some high kicks to his head that has him reeling. Whilst tousling her hair she walks past the dazed guy & when far enough away calls him to her with her fingers & says: Is that all youve gotoh come on big boy (she smiles/winks). In his anger he rushes her but she manages to take the bat from him. Lesley then works him over with the bat & gets him to his knees (possibly by hitting him from behind in the nuts with the bat then a karate chop to the neck?). Lesley then slowly walks up behind him & puts the bat around his throat. L: Oh dear..so easily conquered by a sexy woman. Lesley then chokes him out then drops the bat. She takes his head in her hands & snaps his neck & with a high heel to his back pushes him to the ground. She then walks over him (like a model & away).

Scene 6 Lesley returns to the bedroom to find the last burglar going through her papers. Lesley casually leans against the wall & takes a hands on hips/tousling hair in a sexy pose. L: Hey.what are you doing there stud? The burglar turns & sees her. A one sided fight breaks out with Lesley utterly destroying the burglar. High kicks, upper cuts, windmill kicks etc. The burglar is almost out& is standing with his back to the bed. L: I think its time I finished you off big guy Lesley then unloads high kicks to the burglar that has him knocked out on the bed. Lesley decides that she wont k*11 him (yet). She says: Im not going to k*11 you just yet. She reaches for some ribbon/rope & then rolls him over & ties his hands behind his back. Lesley then sits on the bed next to him & taps him on the head stay there.good boy , she crosses her legs & picks up a telephone. L: Base.yes this is Agent Lesley. Ive just been attacked by burglars but Ive k*11ed them. Im going to interrogate the last one then finish him off. She winks to the camera

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Film 3. Secret agent Lesley vs. Burglars

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