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  • Karate in pantyhose with reinforced toe

Custom clip request. 

Hi Lesley, 

Here is the script, let me know what you think. Please wear the black long sleeves leotard with black reinforce toes pantyhose, toes well covered by reinforce section. I broke the story into 4 scenes, also attached some pic for karate bows and hi kicks and extra. I prefer the man in karate uniform if you have any.

Script is about the karate expert lady goes after karate gangs trying to plot the government. She gets them one by one with broken bones . One man can play the role of all in different cloths or same clothes and put headband to be different (whatever convenience for you doesnt matter)

Scene1.Karate ballet woman receives a phone call that she must stop karate gangs from plotting the world, she hangs up the phone and says time for karate show against karate gangs, I will get them one by one and break their bones. She start some karate demo very hi kicks and chops then put hands over waist and says karate".She goes to the first man location and sees him on the floor, she puts hands over waist says poor karate man is already taken by my male partner, he did a good karate chop on him. She check his pulse on the neck keeps her hands there until he slowly wakes up, as he wakes up all he sees is her pantyhose toes on the floor, he attacks her right from there with a big punch but before the punch even get to her she strikes him very hard with a karate chop to his neck 2 times. His face bounce back and forth on the floor then rest close to her toes. She puts hand over wait stares at him and says poor karate man karate chopped twice.

Scene.2She now confronts the second man face to face, her hands over waist, they now bow each other way down like pic.17 but 3 times left and right. She then goes to karate pose hands chopped in front (not punched), then they circle around each other with focus, they exchange very hi kicks, I like the kicks in pic.4. They continue the hi kicks, he throws heavy karate chop at her tries to knock her out making her dizzy, then goes to finish her with another karate chop but she cleverly blocks his hand and karate chops him in the stomach with hands like a knife going inside his ribs and pushes in more, he screams loud. She now finish him with another heavy karate chop to his neck paralyzes him. She keep his hand on his neck. She then goes to karate pose freeze like that until he falls front of his toes, his eyes way open looking at her toes.

Scene-3The third poor karate man looking for secret document crawling on the floor and instead sees her reinforce pantyhose toes, gets surprised looks at her from toes way up, she has hands over waist says seems youre looking for government document, youre under arrest for . She goes to karate pose focus hard on him as hes on the floor focus on her with karate pose. She tells him its better to surrender or face broken bones like your other karate friends. He thinks hard and puts her hands up and surrender. She now grabs him by the uniform on the neck and escorts him out the room, please show this escorting out in details from behind her, front of her and her side full size. His face looking at her toes during the walk out, she looks at him while walking him out and notices he's looking at her toes very angry and doesn't like this surrender force.

Scene.4Karate man sitting on the floor, she pose in front him like pic5 , she starts a dialogue with him and ask him where are the rest of the gangs but he goes to karate pose hands chopped. She continues the conversation ask him if you tell me about your boss location you will get less prison time but the stubborn man says he is ready to her. She slowly walks towards him (her back still to camera), Goes in front of her hands chopped. As he is sitting he throws pounding karate chops at her but she maneuver left and right misses them all. She throws karate kicks at him but he bends miss it, but few kicks hits him hard. He goes back to karate pose and they both focus hard on each other. Her hands chopped lowers herself to his level.As hes still sitting throws another heavy chops to her face but she blocks his hand and karate chops his stomach like a knife just like scene.1. He screams feels her hand inside his stomach. She pushes her hand in more like its inside him and says haaaaaaaaa. She now takes her hand out and start to do some heavy karate demo in front of him like very hi kicks and chops, hes holding his stomach in pain and staring at her karate demo. She now approaches the dying man then a big karate strike to his neck him instantly (she also says haaaaa when striking him). She goes to karate pose in front of his body and freeze like that till the scene is over.

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Karate in pantyhose with reinforced toe

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