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  • Lora vs terminatrix Casey. To conquer the unconquerable

Could we do the Terminatrix type film?  This time Casey is the Terminatrix and we could make Lora the good spy girl.  Casey is seemingly invulnerable.  Easily thrashes Lora for a while and Lora finds a way to defeat her in the end. 

I think the most important aspect of this kind of fight is establishing how invincible Casey is.  That will make Lora's eventually victory all the more impressive.

The fight starts and Casey stands still her hands on hips as Lora throws a half dozen punches to Casey's face, none doing any damage as Casey smiles throughout the assault.  A surprised Lora tries spin kicks to the face and again Casey takes them easily.
Lora then tries body shots/stomach punches. A dozen rapid fire punches that Casey takes no problem.  Lora tries again with another round of punches and all she comes away with are injured hands.   Lora takes a few shots with a nearby bat/pipe/weapon but again, all attacks are useless.
How Lora turns things around and defeates Casey I will leave to your direction. 

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Lora vs terminatrix Casey. To conquer the unconquerable

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