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I was curious if I could order a custom video where you or another available girl fight and KO another guy? I was curious if you could get the Victim Guy (NOT the Robber Guy) from "Lora rescues poor guy". I also saw the script a fan wrote for a previous custom and really liked a lot of what he requested, so I sort of used that script as a layout for mine.


Girl: barefoot, a gym top and gym shorts

Boy: tight plain white t-shirt, jeans w/ a belt, barefoot, no mask please


Indoor location, like a living room. Somewhere with plenty of space. 


I'd love this to be a fight scene with different camera angles. The Girl and Boy are both experienced fighters, but they're both more interested in learning who is the stronger of the two. The Girl is serious and focused about her fighting skills. The Boy is more arrogant and cocky about his ability to win. He's very strong and confident at the start of the fight, but looks dazed and exhausted when losing. His reactions to hits should be realistic, and not goofy, as he takes more and more damage. 

The moves used should be a good mix of punches and kicks with some chokeholds and grappling to mix it up. Targets should mostly be torso and face between both fighters, but the Boy will also frequently get hit in the stomach. Use combinations of different punches and kicks and vary the camera angles. Make it look like a stylized fistfight and not look too repetitive. The Boy should put up a stronger fight toward the beginning until the Girl starts to get the upper hand. At that point, he still fights back his hardest, but it's clear she's in control. He's a tough fighter, just like her. Have some punches or kicks emphasized with different angles, slow motion, and close-ups (especially with stomach punches) showing the impact or the Boy's reaction to the hit. These should be used for devastating hits, to highlight the fight and keep it from getting repetitive. I'd also prefer if the male actor grunts and groans as he takes hits throughout the fight.

As for the script, the scene starts with the Girl doing some stretches as she prepares a workout for the afternoon. The Boy walks into the room and sees her stretching, and he laughs and mocks her. He heard she was a capable fighter, but he just can't believe a girl like her can do much. She says, "I'm a lot stronger than you think. I could beat you in a fight!" He laughs and tells her, "That would never happen!" She challenges him to a fight right there in their living room to prove it if he's so sure. The Boy gladly agrees to it and both face each other and ready their fists. I'll leave the details of the fight to your care and creativity. The Boy is an equally tough fighter and shouldn't just stand there and take hits. Even when he's losing, he still does his best to defeat his opponent, even when she's already gotten the upper hand. Some highlights I want to see make it into the fight. 

- Both fighters are recovering from hits they've taken. The Boy recovers faster and rushes in to throw a devastating punch to the Girl, but she blocks the attack by catching his fist in her hand. With her other free hand, she slams a hard punch directly into the Boy's stomach. The punch doubles him over and leaves him gasping for breath. A closeup of the impact before he collapses forward, with her fist still pressed in, would be great!

- The Boy manages to outmaneuver the Girl at one point and grabs her from behind in a powerful chokehold. She gasps and sputters for breath as he smirks and tightens his grip. He lifts his free arm and flexes his biceps for the camera. This gives the Girl some extra room to move, though, and she manages to elbow him in the stomach. This knocks the wind out of him and makes him let go, giving the Girl time to go on the offensive.

- Toward the end of the fight, the Girl manages to shove the Boy up against a wall behind him. With his guard down, she delivers a combo of face punches that leaves him stunned and disoriented. The Girl then slams a punch into his stomach. Please show a close-up of the impact here, and then show his reaction afterward. The Girl keeps her fist pressed into his stomach. He briefly moans and rolls his eyes, struggling to stay conscious. He starts to pass out, slowly drooping forward over the Girl's arm, but she shakes him awake, telling him she's not done with him yet.

The Finish: By this point in the fight, the Boy is completely exhausted and hurting from the beating he's taken. He's too tired to fight back, and by now he's just doing his best to stay standing and try to endure the Girl's strikes. He's almost KO'd on his feet a couple times by some of the Girl's vicious combos, but she keeps playing with him. Almost knocking him out and ending things but then waking him at the last second. Finally a kick to the head does him in. He staggers back a few steps, swaying unsteadily on his feet before giving a weak moan and collapsing flat on his back. The Girl stands over him and leans down to lift his head up with a hand on his chin. The Boy is barely even able to keep his eyes open and weakly pleads, "No more. You proved it. You win. Just finish me." The Girl gives him a smile and says, "With pleasure." With her free hand she slams a punch deep into his stomach (highlight this part as well). The Boy gives a grunt of pain that turns into a sigh as he passes out. Still holding him by the chin, the Girl watches any traces of consciousness drain from the Boy's face as he's knocked out cold. She finally lets go and his head droops back down to the floor. The Girl throws a few more playful punches to his stomach to make sure he's out. The Boy is already KO'd, but still briefly spasms from each hit. Satisfied, the Girl leans down and kisses the Boy, telling him she had a lot of fun and hopes he's learned something from today. She then stands up and walks off-camera, making sure to step on his torso as she leaves. Lastly, the camera zooms in and pans over the utterly defeated Boy. He's going be out cold for quite a while.

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Lora vs Mark. Mortal kombat

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