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  • You'd better not to touch me

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The overall theme would be that Lesley is a sexy martial arts assassin on a murderous rampage of revenge against the local mafia / crime organisation that kill her brother.

Lesley versus six opponents at the same time.

All fights would be essentially one sided with Lesley dominating all her opponents with a greater fighting skill and speed.

Can the gangsters all wear balaclavas / face masks / hoods etc. It makes them look much more menacing and after Lesley kills them, then the same actors can re-appear later in the movie.

Film Scenes
Scene 1: In the Stairway
Lesley enters the stair case and walks the stairs up to meet the first guard...
Lesley moves up the stairwell to face a second guard...
Scene 2: In a Large Room
After repeatedly beating all the guards up and humiliating them by ‘trash’ talking them and telling the guards how weak and useless they are Lesley proceed to kill all the guards. 
Last Scene: On the Roof Top
Lesley enters the roof top to be attacked from behind by a guard in sunglasses...
The rest of the last scene on the roof top is similar to Scene 2 in the large room. Lesley (now in sunglasses) is fighting six guards in balaclavas all at the same time. 

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You'd better not to touch me

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