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  • You belong to me, Little one. Part II

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The Supreme Leader Lesley is sitting on her throne with her beautiful legs crossed.  Lora enters with our hero. He is not bound and is walking ahead of her.  She brings him to within a few feet of Lesley's throne and stops him by seizing his biceps, pinning his arms to his side.

Lesley observes her new captive with sexual hunger. Her legs cross again seductively

"Release him, my dear"

Lora releases his arms, but remains behind him.

"Welcome, at last, little one. I am Lesley, the leader of the Supremacy.  And you are mine now."

Seeing his chance, our hero makes a break for the door.  He almost makes it, but Lora  reaches him and seizes him. She spins him around to face her, lifting him under the arm pits and off his feet with ease.  We see a shot of his legs dangling uselessly next to hers. Lora is loving the moment. So is Lesley.

"Now, now, little one," says Lesley, "We're just getting started.  Lora, dear, would you be so kind as to bring our guest to me?"

With a seductive smile, Lora sets him down and brings him back to Lesley. This time with a tight grip on his arms. He'a not going anywhere this time. 

The beautiful Lesley is still seated with her long, muscular legs crossed. 

"Good boy. As you can see, there is no escape. You are ours - mine specifically. I will break you and take you as my own."

She knows her crossed legs are weakening him. 

She stands up slowly, revealing her full height. She is even taller than Lora. She slowly walks right up to our hero, still being held by the beautiful Lora. Lesley presses up against him so that he has to look up at her. She looks down on him like he's delicious prey

Lesley take his chin in her hand and lifts it to look at her. 

"Allow me to show you just how helpless you truly are, little one."

Lesley lifts our hero under the arm pits with ease. Holding him at eye level now. His feet dangling between both amazons' legs. 

Close up of Lesley holding our hero. Her lips are so close to his. 

"Lesley has you, don't I, little one?  Obey me and I will give you great pleasure. Resist and I will crush you. Do you understand, my pet?  Good."

She drops him and he falls at their sexy feet. 

At Lesley's signal, Lora lifts up our hero and hold him tightly in a bear hug facing Lesley. Lesley stands very close to him again and takes his face in her hands sensually.

"Give yourself to me, little one" Lesley Says

"I musn't" he manages to say

"Such spririt.  Lora, squeeze him, my dear"

Without any effort, Lora squeezes our hero in her arms.  Lesley is still holding his face and looking in his eyes. Lora stops.

"Give yourself to me, little one" she repeats.

He nods.

"Very good, my pet."

Lesely gathers him in her arms now and begins to squeeze him slowly, looking deeply in his eyes.

"You're mine now. All mine"

She squeeze him some more in her arms. He slides down her body to the floor.  Lesley, sits slowly and crosses her legs, sensuously.

"Excellent work, my dear. he is ours now." she says to Lora.  

Black out on the two sexy amazons and their captive.

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You belong to me, Little one. Part II

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