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  • Karate girl 2. Punishment

Custom clip request! 

t's possible to have a new karate kick video?

Time: 20 min. You are dressed in bikini and barefoot and you use various technique of karate kick ( I send you sample ) in a shirtless man. You use high foot choke, multiple slap face kick ( like the video I send you, time for the kick I want : 2min 06 ), multiple kick of face and stomach, choke with one leg, back kick in face and stomach and other kick. I want to use split and punch the ball to the man ( like sample )

I want pov action and slow motion when your foot touch the face and the stomach to the man, I want some "kyaaaa" after kick ( like karateka girls ) and of course some sound after kick.

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Karate girl 2. Punishment

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