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  • Karate girl vs burglar

Custom clip request. 

Do you can made a custom video like the clip "the real belly punching" but this time with only feet and knee ?

There are sound effects in this clip. I'd like to see you beating down a burglar in a room, using your karate kick skills, but hitting him mostly in the stomach and face Clothes: at your choice (should be something short and very sexy and barefeet ). I want some slow motion and after some kick, your feet pressing it deep into his stomach for about 10 seconds. You can use side kick, roudhouse kick, multiple kick in stomach, other new kick and of course I want a multiple slap face kick like van damme and your other karate video.

For finish the man, you use a choke with feet ( the man against the wall ) then a choke with one leg. Replay some scenes in slow motion and zooming on the stomach and face when you kick of your victim shooting from different angles.- camera start from shooting your face and body and your feet while you hit and then the cameraman shoot his stomach from above to keep the impact of your kick.

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Karate girl vs burglar

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